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PeddleSmart is working with spelfie to help promote the fight against climate change, working with Councils, NHS, Academia and community groups to debate the green agenda and sustainability within the community.
  • The location of the satellite image will be at the Level 5 Multi-Storey Car Park – SEC Hydro – G3 8GS (COP26 venue)
  • Students and community ambassadors will spell out “RACE TO ZERO”
  • The image will be available through a mobile application (spelfie app)
  • PeddleSmart & spelfie will be working with local community groups and the public sector to help build awareness and are looking for students to get behind the initiatives and help support the fight against climate change
If you have a desire to fuel the sustainability debate, then this could be your chance! Take part in the Race to Zero by pressing on the Eventbrite logo below!
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Join us at the Level 5 Multi-Storey Car Park - SEC Hydro - G3 8GS on Friday 15th October 12-1 pm

What is spelfie?

spelfie is the first selfie app of its kind, using satellite
imagery to capture our event moment…from space (yes…
space)! It allows users to capture their own space selfie to
share and create memories with friends and family.

spelfie is working with PeddleSmart to represent a movement of people who want to

change the world and make a difference. The power of a spelfie can help raise awareness
of climate change globally, encouraging others to join in and want to make a difference

Users will take a selfie and share their support for the green agenda. spelfie has covered
many large events such as the 2021 presidential inauguration, which allowed the public to
attend the inauguration virtually.