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About The Tour

This autumn, PeddleSmart is planning a green zero-carbon tour of the UK, starting in Southern England, and travelling to Glasgow, visiting many towns and cities along the way. The UrbanDigital (digital media vehicle), is a FlexiQuad pedal electric vehicle which is due to be introduced to the market in 2022 will be completing the journey.

During the tour we will be organising events in selected towns and cities where we shall train the community, public sector and public figures to ride the vehicles. The tour will demonstrate the effectiveness of an alternative to cars and vans that address pollution in our communities, in addition to resolving transport challenges and inclusivity. Events are scheduled with NHS, Councils, Academia & local community groups.

Join The Tour

Calling all climate-committed, CSR-focussed, forward-thinking businesses. We’re on the hunt for a select group of partners to help us engage communities, public sector employees and public figures on the path to zero carbon. Our vision is to raise awareness of the zero-carbon future of urban travel, creating pollution-free spaces in cityscapes, and encouraging towns and cities to think differently and make commitments to their carbon-neutral futures.

We’re looking for: Sponsors to power the event, Community organisations to manage events and riders to power the vehicle, supporters and volunteers to power the campaign.

Our Advert

PeddleSmart is working with Sky to produce a 30 second TV Advert that is expected to go live on the 13th September, we are very excited and committed to making a great first impression to the
audience at home.

The Vehicle behind the tour



The UrbanDigital is our dedicated media vehicle designed to support urban area digital advertising. This vehicle comes with two built-in digital screens which deliver on-board advertising, supported by a media management platform.

You can come and see the UrbanDigital at any of our Green Emission Tour scheduled events.

Tour Schedule

The events are a great opportunity for the communities to demonstrate their support of the fight against climate change and for sponsors to build awareness of their commitment to the green agenda. Each event will be captured by tour, local and national media teams who are keen to document community thoughts on the Race to Zero, urban regeneration and green initiatives.

We are very happy with 29 events scheduled across England and Scotland. The level of interest in the tour continues to rise and we are seeing fantastic feedback from both public and private sectors.

Below is a list of our current scheduled event locations, these events are with NHS, Councils, Academia and Community Groups:


South Hampton, Brighton, Swindon, London, Cambridge, Manchester, St Helens, Liverpool, Wirral, Leeds, York, Northampton, Whitehaven (Copeland) and Carlisle.




Dumgal (Dumfries & Galloway), Crichton Trust, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Stirling, Fife, Perth & Kinross, Dundee , Aberdeen, Inverness, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, and Glasgow

What's Next?

With over 29 event locations scheduled,
The Green Emission Tour focuses on building awareness to
climate change, last- mile transport solutions, and inclusivity,
ahead of COP26. Sponsors can partner with the tour to secure
a range of benefits including air quality & CSR awareness
advertising, branding, marketing, local and national news
coverage and much more.

Meet The Team
Behind The Tour

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Communication Manager
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