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A Smarter Way to Move

The Greener Alternative to Cars & Vans

The Future of Urban Transport

Our pedal-electric, zero-emission, tough and accessible FlexiQuads™ are revolutionising the way we move people and things around villages, towns and cities.

The FlexiQuad Range

Healthy, flexible and environmentally-friendly, FlexiQuads™ are the perfect alternative to noisy, unhealthy, polluting vehicles like cars and vans. FlexiQuads™ are interchangeable so with an attachment one FlexiQuad™ can become any sort of vehicle you need – helping you move freight, people, hot or cold food, or tools and equipment anywhere you need it to be. And with low capital investment, lower running costs and no special licences or permits, FlexiQuads™ are the cost-effective way to do business.


(Food Delivery Vehicle)

Developed for the high growth home food delivery market, this accessible, zero-carbon vehicle is built with rider comfort and safety in mind and benefits from on-board heating and refrigeration.

On top of the standard FlexiQuad™ benefits, this vehicle also offers:

– Deliver food at the right temperature
– Heating &/or refrigeration
– 50kg storage


(Multi-Utility Vehicle)

Agile, accessible, zero-carbon and healthy; this is our alternative to a car. Designed with rider welfare of paramount importance, it can carry up to 100Kg of freight by itself or be connected to any of our trailers to carry increased loads.

On top of the standard FlexiQuad™ benefits, this vehicle also offers:

– 0.5m3 storage capacity (500 litres)
– Can tow any PeddleSmart transporter
– 100kg carrying capacity


(Freight Transporter)

All the benefits of our Urban 100 but with the capacity to transport 200Kg. Still with a range of up to 40 miles and access to bus lanes, cycle lanes and shared pedestrian areas.

On top of the standard FlexiQuad™ benefits, this vehicle also offers:

– 1m3 storage capacity (1000 litres)
– Refrigeration available
– 200kg carrying capacity


(People Carrier)

Our FlexiQuads™ are just great for moving goods, our UrbanLift can carry two passengers with luggage, ideal for quickly, safely and cleanly transporting people in urban areas.

On top of the standard FlexiQuad™ benefits, this vehicle also offers:

– Option to carry one or two people
– Retractable passenger
– Weather protection
– Seat-belts for passenger safety


(Maintenance Transporter)

This tough, flexible, practical transporter can be used to maintain cycle paths and urban areas, and it’s adaptable enough to carry both equipment and horticulture.

On top of the standard FlexiQuad™ benefits, this vehicle also offers:

– Compartment for tools and equipment
– Area for horticulture waste collection
– 200kg storage


(Waste Transporter)

Our agile and adaptable waste transporter stores up to 200kg of waste, with the ability to section separate areas for things like recycling, food & general waste.

On top of the standard FlexiQuad™ benefits, this vehicle also offers:

– 1m3 storage capacity (1000 litres)
– Caged area for waste and recyclable collection
– Compartment options available (food, plastics, general)

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All our FlexiQuads™ offer:

    • + Zero-carbon
    • + Modular, interchangeable
    • + Full service package
    • + Data package available
    • + Highly visible
    • + Lighting, indicators, mirrors, design with ability to change trailers
    • + Full electric assist
    • + Easily detachable battery 
  • + Security features
  • + 15.5mph
  • + 40 mile range (per battery)
  • + No licence required
  • + No MOTs required
  • + No tax required
  • + Healthier for riders and 
  • standard wall point charging (13amp)
  • + Lower operational cost
  • + Narrow, flexible design for minimal turning circle
  • + Shared pedestrian & cycle community
  • + Reduce congestion
  • + Weather surround
  • + Comfortable seating position lane access
  • + Reduce delivery times 


One FlexiQuad™ connects to all sorts of interchangeable attachments to move people, freight, hot or cold food, or tools and machinery easily.


These vehicles are purpose-built here in the UK and designed to carry heavy loads. Whilst tough and reliable, we also offer a range of service packages to make sure your fleet is always on the road.


FlexiQuads™ are neat, agile and quiet so they can go loads of places existing vehicles like vans and trucks can’t. They’re also easy, safe and healthy to ride by anyone over the age of 14.

Good for the Community.
Good for the Planet.

As well as being flexible, durable and accessible, our FlexiQuads™ are good for communities and for the planet.

They emit zero-emissions in use, helping the natural environment; they’re agile and nimble, reducing congestion in towns and cities; and they’re quiet, reducing noise pollution. Plus, FlexiQuads™ have the ability to transform physically inactive drivers into pedal-powered-vehicle riders, which has a range of health benefits!

PeddleSmart is also dedicated to helping the communities in which we operate by offering genuine employment opportunities to local people, including those faced with barriers to employment.

Full Service Solution.

Alongside our FlexiQuads™, PeddleSmart also offers everything you need to keep your fleet on the road. Depending on your requirements we can provide a comprehensive service plan and a intuitive fleet management system.